Time's Cruel Hand W.P

All was stopped, nothing moved, no one took a breath...Time stood still, but he did not, the world was his, no one could tell him what to do because no one else was free.
To be trapped in time must be a horrible fate, reliving the exact same moment in time for all eternity never growing, never changing. He thought about the fate of those he knew the horrors that complete strangers would be reliving for eternity, but he dismissed those thoughts from his mind, it didn't matter, if he wanted he could change their moments he was the almighty to those stuck in time, a deity of greed. As he walked through busy streets toward oncoming cars, he laughed as he passed them. In foreign nations he watched bullets frozen in mid-flight yearn to reach their targets, he watched soldiers fall and fight...Yet, of all the things he thought about he never let the one question formed deep in his mind come to the surface, why was he not frozen along with the world? Sometimes people disguise their fears with acts of hatred, other times they seek power to attempt to hide their own lack of self confidence...As those who thought they knew him watched from afar, the tiny spark of freedom they had from time's cruel grip slowly realized this was not the case, something about him had changed. Perhaps time's grip did have him, for all of existence people state that time was a cruel and fickle master. Perhaps time had different plans for this one; Just maybe time's cruel hand had begun to swing its pendulum.